How can I open a personal account?

A Paysera account is absolutely free and can be opened in a matter of seconds. After filling in your details and completing identification, you will be able to use all of the Paysera benefits.

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How can I open a business account?

A corporate account can be opened only by a head of a company who has a personal Paysera account and has completed an identification procedure. To open an account, a head of a company needs to log in to his/her personal account, select "Open a corporate account" and enter the company's registration data.

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How can I add funds to the account?

You can add funds to your Paysera account from any bank in the world or by cashing in at Paysera partner POS. Having logged in to Paysera account and selected "Add funds", you will be able to choose an account top up method and get detailed account replenishment instructions.

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How can I transfer money to banks and other payment systems?

Transfers from Paysera account to other banks are performed just like at banks. You have to fill in the recipient data, indicate the account number and purpose of payment/reference. In order to transfer money from Paysera to other payment systems, you will have to indicate the client number in the system or other data depending on the payment system.

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How much can I save by using Paysera?

Commercial banks and other financial institutions charge several times bigger commission fees than Paysera. Some services are even free at Paysera, whereas other financial institution charge money for them.

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Where can I pay with the mobile app?

You can use the mobile application to pay at various POS, from gas station to restaurants. Payment is performed by scanning a QR code or checking in and confirming the purchase.

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Who accepts tax payments and payments for utility services?

Using templates created on the Paysera account, you can fast an d easily pay for utility services, STI or Sodra. You can also make free payments to cable TV and Internet service providers, mobile network operators and other institutions.

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How can I install Paysera Checkout at my e-shop?

You can fast and easily integrate Paysera payment collection to your e-shop by using ready plugins. Paysera has created plugins for over 18 popular content management systems, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Impresspages, etc.

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Highest-level security

Safety is of the highest priority to Paysera. Thus, we always strive to use the software, technologies and monitoring systems only of the highest standards. It ensures protection of your money, data and transfers round the clock.