Money crediting fees

The fee for topping up a Paysera account by card (via Ecommpay) is 1% of the top-up amount.

The fee for topping up a Paysera account by Mastercard or Maestro card (via Quipu) is 2,9% of the top-up amount but not less than 0,25 EUR.

There is no fee for topping up your Paysera account unless the incoming payment is made via the TARGET2 system. In this case, a crediting fee applies: for amounts up to 9,999.99 EUR, the fee is 3.00 EUR, for 10,000 EUR or more, the fee is 4.00 EUR

Besides that, sometimes the bank of the sender charges an additional fee for the transfer. As it depends on many factors, such as the country, currency and the sender bank, you can see it only by generating transfer instructions.

In order to learn what fee will be applied to you, please log in to your Paysera account and on the left menu select Add funds (1). In the new window choose the country (2) and currency (3) of the transfer, and click on Update instructions (4).


The system will show you a list of banks which you can top up your Paysera account from. After you select a bank (1) and enter the transfer amount in the field under the list, the system will display the commission fee (2) for money crediting.