Account administration and identity verification for private clients

An account administration fee is charged only when the client does not use the account at all for at least 2 years. This fee is used to cover the administration expenses of the unused account until the account becomes empty and is automatically closed. The client is always informed about the fee to be charged via all of their email addresses known to us.

Service Fee
Account opening or closing in the system free
Account opening or closing at the Paysera branch (for Lithuania only) 10,00 EUR
Account administration free
Account administration, when the client has not logged in to their account or performed a single payment operation in 2 years* 2,00 EUR / month
Fee for the transfer / administration of a deceased client's funds 10,00 EUR
* If the account is empty or no money is left after charges, the account will be closed. The client will be informed 2 weeks prior to starting to charge the account and one more time prior to closing the account.

Client identification

Identification is necessary to access all possibilities of Paysera account. Any selected method of identification is free of charge.

Client identification method Important information
Client identification at Paysera branch (for Lithuania only) You must have your ID card or passport with you.
Client identification by uploading ID documents to the system You will be able to scan your ID documents (ID card or passport) necessary for identification with the Paysera mobile application
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in our service provision, we are guided by the risk assessment approach and we seek to properly implement the Know Your Customer principle in regard to the client, therefore, prior to opening a Paysera account, we might as well ask you to provide additional documents and (or) written explanations other than those specified above.

After the client (user) terminates the General agreement, the balance can be transferred to a bank account (in a bank of Lithuania) opened in the name of the client or paid in cash at the “Paysera LT” UAB branch at Pilaitės pr. 16, Vilnius.