Benefits and possibilities

Wide range of application

Payments with SMS messages are especially convenient for small amounts of money. It may be a membership fee for a website, voting via a short number in radio or TV games, and credits for online or mobile games.

Plenty of countries and operators

Service clients from all over the world. SMS payments are available from more than 50 countries and via all major mobile operators. The system is translated into 18 languages, and the payments can be performed in the local currency.

Split payment

Use the special SMS bank feature which lets you pay up to  43 EUR for a purchase in parts. The client will only have to send more than one premium SMS message till the total amount is collected.

SMS keywords and subscription

Create virtual currencies and rates for your games. Set individual SMS rates and assign keywords. Your clients will simply have to send an SMS with a keyword to a short number which we will also provide for you.
Activate SMS subscription and receive payments each month automatically.

All income to one account

You do not need agreements with mobile operators from different countries. SMS payments are collected to one Paysera account which makes it even easier to see detailed statistics and form reports.

Convenient administration

It is easy to manage one or several SMS payment projects, as the account can be accessed at any time of the day by logging in to the Paysera e-payments system.

How to install?

Provide powers of attorney

The account owner can provide powers of attorney and rights to manage technical information of payments. Prior to integration, it is enough for programmers to open a free account and complete identification.

SMS plugin

Use our prepared plugin which generates keywords automatically. You only have to set virtual currencies and rates, and upload the generated plugin code to your website or internet gaming server.

Free tools

Use the PHP library if you plan to authorise payments yourself.

SMS without integration

All you have to do is create keywords, set rates and select one or several short numbers. Keywords and short numbers can be announced during a radio or TV game or simply published on the website.

Easy to install and try out

It is enough to create a keyword and your clients can already send messages to the provided short number. If you implement integration on the website or server, you can see the technical information of SMS sending in a special list.

Free technical support

Use the website for programmers, where technical documentation and tools for autonomous work are given. In case any questions arise, contact our client service managers who will provide a free consultation.

How do I start?

Open a free Paysera account and complete the identification.
Register and confirm the project of your activity in the system.
Configure a plugin, PHP library and upload it to your programming code.
See payments* and information on SMS sending by logging in to the payments system.

*SMS payments received by Paysera are paid out once a month or less frequently.