How does Paysera support Ukraine?

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Due to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Paysera started providing wide-scale support for its Ukrainian clients. 

On this page, find a detailed list of benefits that Ukrainian clients can use without any extra commitment. 


Free online account opening

A Paysera account can be opened for FREE and completely remotely. 

For identification purposes, you will be asked to provide your passport and fill out a Know Your Client questionnaire

Download the app and register today!

Free Visa payment cards for Ukrainians

Are you a Ukrainian national? Getting a European card might be difficult or expensive without proof of residency in one of the EU countries. 

However, at Paysera, you can order your card free of charge. Only delivery and monthly fees will apply. Delivery is available only to EU/EEA countries. 

More about the Visa payment card > 

Send money for cash pickup!

Send money even to people without a bank account! Enjoy a simple money transfer process, fast service, and low fees

The service is currently available for transfers to Ukraine only.

You need to be a Paysera client to make a money transfer.

Free transfers to and from Ukraine 
(until June 17, 2022)

Normally, transfers to non-EEA countries via Paysera are priced at 7 EUR. However, from now on, sending money to Ukraine is FREE. 

Whether you are sending money back home or supporting one of the local charities – make transfers via the Paysera app or online banking at no cost. 
Discount is valid until June 17, 2022

More about money transfers > 

Restrictions for Russian and Belarusian accounts, roubles, and more 

In response to the Russian aggression in Ukraine, Paysera stopped account opening for all Russian and Belarusian citizens without EU residency. 

Also, Paysera no longer supports roubles, does not perform the previously popular WebMoney transfers, and restricts business accounts linked to the aggressor countries. 

Read more about the restrictions >

How to support Ukraine?

You can now donate directly to the Blue / Yellow for Ukraine NGO via the Paysera app on Android phones. 

Log in > go to More > Donations and pick an organisation from the list!

100% of the funds will go straight to the charity!