Advice for the safe use of Paysera

In order to use Paysera safely, first of all, please make sure that you have entered the correct address – www.paysera.* with one of the following domains:

  • paysera.com
  • *. paysera.com
  • paysera.lt
  • paysera.lv
  • paysera.pl
  • paysera.bg
  • paysera.es
  • paysera.de
  • paysera.ee
  • paysera.ro

If the data differs from the given above, the website may be fraudulent and you shall not log in to such website.

Before logging in to Paysera, please also make sure that the certificate used on the website is issued by "PAYSERA LTD". It can be done by entering the www.paysera.* address in the browser window and clicking on the green lock symbol by the address. It informs you that the connection with the website is safe, the certificate is valid, and the identity has been verified by a reliable third party.

After clicking on the green lock screen, the following window will appear:

New users who register in the Paysera system have to draw their attention to the registration form. In the Paysera system it looks as follows: If the form is different or you have suspicions that the website is fraudulent, please do not enter or submit your personal data.

More recommendations on the safe use of the Paysera system can be found here.

International PCI DSS security certificate

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate is an international standard of security technologies and processes. This security standard regulates the requirements for companies accepting payments with cards and processing client data. The certificate confirms that Paysera complies with all security requirements. The Paysera system has the highest level standard installed, which is used to safely perform over 6 mln card transactions a year.