Senior PHP Developer

What you will do:

working in a multi-functional, self-organising team based on Agile principles (Scrum or Scrumban);

participating in the planning, design, implementation and support of Paysera products;

following and contributing to development best-practices, giving and receiving code reviews on a daily basis;

constantly improving as a developer and a team member, and sharing knowledge with other team members.

What we expect:

2+ years of experience working in a team of developers on complex, sophisticated projects;

5+ years of work experience as a developer;

good knowledge of PHP or other programming languages (we're still looking for a PHP developer, but it's ok if you're willing to switch from Java, C# or any other language);

experience working with Symfony framework, PHPUnit, Docker (would be an additional advantage as those are some of the technologies that we use daily).

You can read more about the technologies we use and the way we do things on our engineering blog.

For candidates

If you would like to join our team, please send your CV with the subject "Senior PHP Developer" to the email address [email protected]. Only selected candidates will be contacted, but we are grateful to all who send their CV.

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Full time


Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Georgia, Bangladesh, the Philippines


Depends on candidate's experience and competence