Our supported projects and organizations

We are concerned about social problems and support various social projects and organizations by providing our services at the cost price.

"Vaikų svajonės" (Children's Dreams)

During the project “Children’s dreams” we collect wishes and dreams from children raised in poor families, publish them on the project website, and create conditions for people of good will to realize them. Via Paysera payments system we provide the possibility for people to contribute to the project in a modern and convenient way, so that we could do even more to help others.

More about the project at: www.vaikusvajones.lt

"Maisto bankas" (Food Bank)

”Maisto bankas” is a charity and support foundation collecting donations in a form of food and distributing it among organizations taking care of people in need. Paysera payments system provides donators with a possibility to transfer monetary donations from abroad fast, easy, and free of huge additional bank fees. In 2017 via Paysera “Maisto bankas” has received 6104 EUR in donations. Thank you!

More about the foundation at: www.maistobankas.lt


"Lietuvos Raudonasis Kryžius" (Lithuanian Red Cross)

Lithuanian Red Cross provides help to people in crisis and teaches the society first aid skills, so that in case of an accident we know how to help each other. We are a unique humanitarian force based on volunteers helping thousands of people across Lithuania. Paysera system allows us to collect donations to keep our organization moving.

More about the organization at: www.redcross.lt


”Aukok.lt” is the biggest online donation website in Lithuania launched in 2009. It allows private persons and companies to donate money easy and conveniently. The website “Aukok.lt” is used to raise money by many different social projects, and people of good will can donate them a selected amount of money at a click of a button. Paysera provides “Aukok.lt” with the installed “bank-link” service free of any charge, this way making sure that each donated euro reaches its destination.

More about the projects at: www.aukok.lt


„Ištiesk pagalbos ranką“ (Give a Helping Hand)

„Ištiesk pagalbos ranką" – is a social services and charity development organization which helps socially disadvantaged families and children across Lithuania. Such families are supported with items and clothes donated by other people. The day care center „Šypsena“ (Smile), established by the organization for children with developmental disorders and children from families at risk, is also attended by children form socially active families.

More about the organization www.pagalbavisoslietuvosseimoms.com

"Išsipildymo akcija" (Fulfillment Campaign)

"Išsipildymo akcija" – is the biggest Lithuanian TV charity project, successfully organized by TV3 television from 2003. It has already become a beautiful tradition of the project to celebrate the “Day of Cakes” each November. This day, all people of good will are encouraged to bake a cake and sell its pieces to co-workers, colleagues or fellow students. All donated funds are transferred to the disabled children support project.

More about the project: www.issipildymoakcija.tv3.lt


"Mamų unija" (Mothers' Union)

”Mamų unija” – is a support and charity fund which takes care of each Lithuanian child with an oncological disease. The fund cooperates with children’s divisions of oncohematology in hospitals, improves their micro-climate and purchases required equipment. Also, “Mamų unija" financially supports families with sick children, provides help to children and parents at hospitals and shapes a tolerant public attitude towards children with cancer and their families.

More about the fund: www.mamuunija.lt

"Maltiečiai" (Malteser)

”Maltiečiai” (Malteser) is a part of the world’s oldest charity organization – Order of Malta, which operates in more than 120 countries around the globe. The goal of the Malteser is to provide help and support to poor, disabled, single and other individuals or communities of all nationalities, races and faiths living in social exclusion, encourage social responsibility and volunteering by cooperating with social partners and sponsors in Lithuania and abroad.

More about the organization: www.maltieciai.lt


„Tautmilės globa“ (Tautmilė’s Guardianship)

”Tautmilės globa” (Tautimilė’s Guardianship) – is an animal care organization concerned with rescuing homeless animals, their medical treatment and custody before finding families, searching for responsible owners, reduction of homeless animals in humane ways (sterilization, castration) and social education regarding violent behavior towards animals and reduction of homeless animals (organizing tours of animal shelters, presentations and participation in mass events).

More about the organization: www.tautmilesgloba.lt

Participation in social projects

  • In 2018 Paysera has participated in the “Day of Cakes” organized by TV3 television and donated clothes to the organization “Ištiesk pagalbos ranką” (Give a helping hand). Beside that, Paysera’s employees have donated funds to the “Mamų unija” (Mothers’ Union), “Maltiečiai” (Malteser) and “Tautmilės globa” (Tautmilė’s Guardianship) organizations, while the company doubled the donations.
  • In 2017 , the educational program "Paysera Academy" was organized in order to raise financial literacy of young people.
  • In 2016, Paysera contributed to the international blood donation campaign "Missing Type", which encouraged people to become unpaid blood donors. Employees of the company also constantly contribute to blood donation and become unpaid blood donors.
  • In 2015, Paysera became the main sponsor of the U16 European Championship which took place in Lithuania.
  • In 2014, "Paysera studentų lyga" (Paysera Student League) table football championship was held together with the table football club "Foosin", PI "Sveikas miestas“ (Healthy City) and Lithuanian National Union of Students.
  • In 2014, Paysera also supported the "Nike" convention "We run Vilnius", Vilnius sports festival "Vilnius Challenge", the fund "M. K. Čiurlionio fondas", the mother and baby fair "Mamų mugė", Vilnius city celebration "Sostinės dienos" (Days of the Capital City) and its fair.
  • In 2013, Paysera became a sponsor of the project "Misija Sibiras" (Mission Siberia), which aimed at education of citizenship and patriotism in the youth.
  • In 2013, Paysera actively contributed to preparation of mass runs in Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai, Druskininkai and Nida. We became official partners of the Olympic mile run.
  • In 2012, Paysera contributed to the project of clown therapy volunteers "Klounai be sienų" (Clowns without borders) called "Raudonos nosies diena" (Red Nose Day).