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How to get a cashback when shopping online?


When shopping online, it is popular to use discount codes, sort items by price, and look for other ways to save money. One of them is getting a cashback for your purchases. Many don’t know but there is a possibility to get a cashback in e-shops that use Paysera for accepting online payments if you pay for your purchases using your Paysera account. Keep on reading to find out how this works.

How does it work? Step by step explanation

💻 Find an e-shop. In order to get a cashback online, you must first find a shop that uses the Paysera payment gateway for accepting online payments. Unfortunately, there is no publicly available list of this kind but at least in Lithuania the majority of online shops use Paysera, so there is a high chance to stumble upon them by chance.

The Paysera payment gateway is also growing in popularity in countries like Latvia, Estonia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Some examples of e-shops that use Paysera and give a cashback to Paysera users are: iDeal, Membershop, Shop by Viktorija Siegel, Topocentras, Eurokos, etc.

📲 Pay with Paysera account. After you complete your shopping, proceed to the checkout and choose to pay with Paysera. Then you will already see if the payment processing is powered by Paysera and if you are eligible for a cashback.

💸 Receive the cashback. After you pay with your Paysera account, the cashback reaches your account straight away. Instant happiness!


How big is the cashback?

Let’s just say that it will not make you rich but it will be a nice addition to your online shopping. The cashback is up to 0.50 EUR for every purchase. Meaning that the more purchases you make, the more money you can expect in return.

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