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New service for e-shops – all courier companies in one place

Paysera, the leading payment gateway provider in Lithuania, presents a new service for online merchants – integration of the main courier companies into an e-shop. This service will enable even small businesses to provide their clients with the best delivery options available.  

The concept of the service is simple. After integrating the Paysera plugin into your e-shop, you will be able to offer your clients to pick among a few different courier companies and delivery types. Buyers will be able to choose the one that suits them best and you will be able to manage all orders in one place – the Paysera system. 

If you are already a Paysera client, integrating the plugin will only take a few minutes. Signing agreements with individual delivery companies, on the other hand, might take days, if not more. 

How to get started? 

In order to integrate different delivery companies into your online shop you will need to download a free Paysera plugin, install it, and... that's it! You can start selling and delivering your goods to the buyers. 

The fee for the service will depend on the parcel size and chosen delivery type (door to door, parcel locker to parcel locker, etc.). The courier companies available at the moment are Omniva, LP Express, and Venipak. More delivery options will be added to this list soon.  

The principle of the Delivery service is very similar to Paysera Checkout – another popular Paysera service. The latter allows merchants to accept online payments by offering their buyers to pay via a range of the most popular banks in the country. To use these services you also need only one agreement with Paysera – instead of several different ones with each of the banks. 

Meanwhile, the Delivery service will offer the buyers different delivery options using the most popular couriers in the country.  

Who can use the Delivery service? 

At the moment the Delivery service is available to all merchants who open a Paysera account, create a payment gateway project, and have their e-shop built on the WooCommerce platform. In order to use this service, you don't have to accept payments through Paysera, simply having a payment gateway project created is enough. Eventually, we will offer this service to a wider range of our customers.

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing and rapidly evolving businesses in Lithuania and the Baltics in general. Therefore, not only banks but also the payment processing partners and delivery service providers must be flexible in order to adapt to the ever-changing market and to offer merchants the easiest ways to reach their customers. 


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