Paysera franchise

Paysera offers you the possibility to profit from the expanding e-payment market by joining the Paysera franchise network and launching your own payment business.

Paysera is an international money transfer, currency exchange and e-payment processing business, successfully operating since 2004. We bring technology and payments together by creating simple, fast, price-friendly payment solutions for all clients, anywhere and at any time.

By providing convenient payment services at acceptable prices via new technologies, we seek to build a world where electronic payments have no boundaries, are simple, fast, and reliable.

Currently, Paysera has a core team of over 100 employees. We cooperate with more than 50 banks within the European Union and serve hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. In 2012, Paysera obtained an unlimited European electronic money license and continued developing business internationally. In 2016, headquarters were established in the United Kingdom and franchise development began. Currently, we are looking for international partners to join our rapidly growing network of franchisees.

What do you need to know to become a Paysera franchisee?


By acquiring a Paysera franchise, you will receive all the necessary ingredients for starting and running a successful and internationally integrated payment business in your country or region.

By becoming a franchisee, you will instantly get access to cross-border online transfers, a payment-processing platform, and necessary business systems. We will provide you with system integration and service adaptation, access to a multinational infrastructure of banks and other partners, the necessary training and support, as well as marketing and sales materials.

We will continuously support you by delivering software updates and improvements, helping to launch new services and products, and providing IT and marketing support. You will get access to comprehensive business management systems, constantly improved and updated 'know-how', as well as ad-hoc support with business, marketing and financial management issues.


The equity capital required - 350 000 euros.

The estimated franchisee investment is from 150 000 euros.

What are the requirements for franchisees?

Although we provide our franchisees with comprehensive support, it is important that the candidates meet certain requirements and pre-conditions to be able to achieve success in the e-payment business.

The ideal Paysera franchisee must have:

  • Experience in managing a successful business;
  • A trustworthy and crystal-clear background (reputation);
  • Investment capabilities;
  • A willingness to enrich the local payment market with innovative and cost-friendly solutions.

It is preferable for the ideal Paysera franchisee to have:

  • Experience in banking or the finance sector;
  • A good network in the local business community.

Services and products currently available at Paysera

  • IBAN accounts (for SEPA transfers only)
  • Free or low-cost domestic transfers
  • Free internal transfers
  • Low-cost international money transfers
  • Currency conversion
  • Payment gateway
  • SMS payments
  • Ticketing system
  • Mass pay-outs/pay-ins (bank payments via API)
  • Mobile wallet
  • Paysera VISA payment card
  • Loans via partners
  • Centralized payments for utilities
  • Payments via QR codes
  • Remote orders via QR codes
  • Payment Terminals

Services and products under development

  • Direct billing
  • Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)
  • International (non SEPA) IBAN accounts
  • Client loans, credit line, leasing and factoring
  • Cashback system