📅 September, 2020

From season tickets to buyers’ accounts – great news for event-lovers!  

The event ticketing system Paysera Tickets launches 4 new features that will benefit both event organisers and event goers: multi-use tickets, group events, season tickets, and buyers’ accounts. All of this comes at no additional cost. 


Although summer is over, we trust you have some more hot festivities lined up for event-goers this season. If you haven’t planned anything just yet – don’t worry. These new features will definitely make your life easier and maybe even give you some ideas for future events. 

Multi-use tickets 💃🥋🏊‍♀️

From now on, event organisers who use the Paysera Tickets system can offer customers to purchase multi-use tickets – in other words, tickets that can be used multiple times over a certain period of time. 

For example, it can be a ticket for dance classes – let’s say one ticket would be valid for 6 morning classes and only on workdays. Or maybe it will be a ticket for 10 hours of swimming in the pool, on weekends only? 

Once the organiser scans one of these tickets with the Paysera Tickets app, they will see how many visits are still available for that visitor. And that's it  

Group events 🗓

This one is especially exciting! This feature will enable organisers to group certain events together that will all be visible on the same page, and anyone can share them all using one link.

For example, if you are organising extra-curricular activities for children, you can group events by age, gender, etc. Or maybe you are organising a series of concerts that you want to have all in one place? The possibilities are limitless!


Season tickets 🏀 ⚽️

This feature we have anticipated for a while now – season tickets will allow customers to buy one ticket for all events in a group, and if you want to, you can enable them to sell back a ticket for one of the events in case they can’t attend.

How does it look in real life? Imagine you organise sports games. Well, now you can group all of the season's games together and sell one package to attend them all. Customers will see all the tickets for separate games in their account, or if they don’t have one – they will receive them by email.

If the customer has an account and bought a season ticket but cannot attend one of the games, they can even put that single ticket up for sale, if the organiser enabled that function. And if somebody buys the ticket – the customer will get the money for it back. So everyone is happy!


Buyer’s account 🎟

And finally, now any buyer can create a Paysera Tickets account and access all the tickets for past and future events in one place. You can even add additional emails to the account in case your email has changed and you want to access your previously purchased tickets.

If you added your email address to your buyer’s account after you bought tickets, you will still see the whole purchasing history in your account. This means no more lost, deleted, or forgotten tickets!

Let’s not give up to challenges and keep our heads up despite the difficulties this industry faces today. Now you have all the means necessary to keep your audiences entertained, so let’s get to it!

If you have any questions about this or other features of Paysera Tickets, please contact us at [email protected]. Also, follow us on social media, and let us know if you want us to share your event!