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More opportunities to invest: You can now invest in real estate rental projects offered by InRento via Paysera

Daugiau galimybių investuoti: per „Paysera“ nuo šiol galima investuoti į „InRento“ siūlomus NT nuomos projektus
The financial technology company Paysera has incorporated the ability to directly invest in crowdfunded real estate rental projects on the InRento platform, without leaving the app environment.

With a minimum investment of just €500, both companies aim to encourage more people to start investing or diversifying their existing portfolios.

"Compared to other types of investments, real estate rental historically stands out for its stability and predictability. And thanks to our partner InRento, this type of investment becomes accessible to almost everyone, because those wanting to invest don't need to buy an entire property, but can fund rental projects operated by professionals. I believe the opportunity to invest in rental projects within a familiar app environment will interest a significant portion of our approximately 300,000 private clients," – says Marijus Planciunas, CEO of Paysera. "By offering new investment opportunities, we are moving step-by-step towards a super app. The app will continue to expand in the future, incorporating services that go beyond traditional transfers and payments."

Gustas Germanavicius, CEO of InRento, emphasises that the collaboration between the two fintech companies will increase investment opportunities in Europe.

"We believe that our collaboration will make investing in Europe more popular and will set an example of how financial institutions can work together to improve the client experience and bring high-value services within just a few taps in an environment that is well-recognised by the client," – says G. Germanavicius.

He also adds that from the very start of the company, a clear goal was set – to offer the most innovative investment solutions that would achieve the most attractive risk-return ratio and ensure the best investment experience.

"We are grateful that we can implement this by collaborating with Paysera, whose payment solutions we have been using for four years," – says G. Germanavicius.

The InRento platform currently has over 2,800 active investors who have invested over €23 million into real estate rental projects in Lithuania, Poland, and Spain, earning an average annual return of 11.25%, over €1.6 million in total since the platform was launched. Historically, no project proposed by InRento has defaulted or become insolvent.

The platform was even named the best investment technology in Europe at the 2022 European Financial Technology Awards in London.

About Paysera

Founded in Vilnius in 2004, Paysera is a financial technology company that offers over 100 ways for European e-shops to accept customer payments for purchases. Paysera also provides accounts, transfers, currency exchange, gold trading, and other services. The Paysera group employs about 500 people.

About InRento

Established in 2020, InRento is the EU's largest licensed crowdfunding platform for financing buy-to-let projects. Investors can earn returns from real estate rental projects with as little as €500, without the hassle of finding tenants or managing properties. InRento is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.