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How to avoid getting fooled by online scammers 

April Fools’ or not – online scammers don’t joke around. At Paysera, we constantly try to educate our clients on how to stay cautious and avoid financial scams on a daily basis. In this blog, we share some practical tips that every Paysera user can take advantage of to protect their funds.

Am I really talking to Paysera?

One of the most common mistakes that even tech-savvy people still make is to give out their personal information to online scammers that pretend to be the representatives of their financial institution.

In our previous blog post we shared some useful tips on how to know if you are really talking to Paysera, where to find our official contact information, and we covered some of the most common scams circulating in the financial sector. Read more > 

App features for extra security 📲

There are several app features to ensure more security for your funds. They offer more privacy and discreteness for your daily money management.

Privacy mode 

Don’t let anyone peek from behind your shoulder when you are checking your account or making a transfer. Turn on the privacy mode and the Paysera app will blur sensitive information such as your account balance and other sums. Open the Paysera app > Tap on the settings icon (cogwheel) in the top left > Privacy & Security > and turn on Privacy Mode.

Authentication when making transfers
Scared that someone else has access to your account or might abuse it if they find your phone unattended? Enable authentication requests when making transfers. You will be asked to confirm that it’s really you with biometric data (like a fingerprint) each time before you send money to others.

Open the Paysera app > tap on the settings icon (cogwheel) in the top left > Privacy & Security > and enable Extra security for transfers.

Password protected transfers
When making money transfers you can now choose to put password protection on it. After receiving the transfer, the recipient will only be able to withdraw the money after they enter the password.

This will give you that extra assurance that you didn't send your money to someone else by mistake.

Open the app > New transfer > choose Paysera Transfer > fill in the details > Password > enter a password of your choice and share it only with the recipient.


Card protection
The Paysera app allows you to manage your cards with ease – order, freeze, or block cards yourself at any time. No need to call client support.

If you think you lost your card even in the middle of the night – open the app > cards > freeze. If you do not find the card again you can also block it permanently and order a new one.


Biometric authentication
Login to the app is protected with biometric authentication data like Touch ID and Face ID, if that’s supported on your phone.

This provides that extra security whereby only you and nobody else can pass. 

Notifications about money movement
Get notified the moment your money enters or leaves your e-wallet. Get short messages after paying by card, making a recurring payment, and more.

Enable this feature by logging in to the app > Settings (cogwheel icon) > Notifications

All of these tips are small protective layers separating you from financial scammers who will use every gap to benefit from people in a rush. Next time when thinking about whether it is really worth putting this extra effort into protecting your money, consider that this security setup will only cost you a minute of your time, otherwise, the losses may cost you thousands. 

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